Aww So Cute Nappy: Review

This review was originally going to be a collaboration between me and my wonderful friend, Davy. We decided, however, that our signature styles would lose some of their pzazz when merged, and so decided on posting our thoughts separately. You can enjoy Davy’s review here.


Aww So Cute nappies, at $5 per nappy for a UK customer, had a lot of impressing to do! When mine finally arrived nearly 6 weeks after I placed my order – a long wait considering no confirmation email was received, and many friends were also left wondering if we’d all been duped by a mean old scam – I bounced and squealed at how cute they looked inside their nice professional packaging! They were brightly printed in an obvious high quality onto a rather thick looking diaper.


I tore the packet open and pulled one out, confirming its thickness as equal to something like a Fabine as opposed to a thinner nappy such as a Tena. The plastic back features a gorgeous all over print in yellow and blue with adorable teddies, and the nappy has 2 tabs on each side, which fasten onto an extra glossy panel at the front of the nappy – meaning the tabs can be moved a good few times and still stick down securely.


The fit of the nappy is really excellent – it covers the bum more than a Maxi meaning you feel secure and super-duper padded, just as an AB should! The sizing is accurate and the Medium fit me perfectly. I especially enjoyed the slight bikini/hipster cut to them so as that they don’t come as high on the tummy as some nappies.  The nappy certainly feels wonderful on and really helps get you into the little headspace. I think you’ll also agree that it does indeed look Aww So Cute – a real winner aesthetically!


So what about the practical side? The diaper takes a surprisingly high number of wettings! I wet mine 5 times before needing a change, making it comparable to, if not better than, a Fabine. I would actually trust it more than a Maxi, which for a 24/7 Maxi wearer is quite something! For those who like a nappy that looks wet, this nappy may let you down a little. The white plastic back is quite thick and strongly opaque, and it doesn’t wrinkle very much as it gets wet either. But as for the feel, the nappy really thickens up, meaning you will have a lovely squishy bum to sit on, or an adorable diaper waddle as you walk!


Worth $5, I hear you ask. No nappy is worth $5, that’s the simple fact. But is this nappy exceptionally awesome and worth splashing out on if you feel like treating yourself/your little one? For sure!  It has the looks, it has the feel, it has the quality. It takes a good wetting, it is secure. What more do you want from a nappy? This is definitely my new favourite printed nappy. I will still use the Cuddlz most regularly due to the price, but I do think it has knocked Fabines off my shopping list of import nappies. Cushies, you now have even more nappies that are better than you – get your act together! (Especially with a sissy nappy that doesn’t even BEGIN to overdo its use of pink or pretty things!)


So here’s to looking and feeling Aww So Cute! If you are Aww So Cute, or your little one is Aww So Cute, then wrap them in Aww So Cute and lets all party on!



5 thoughts on “Aww So Cute Nappy: Review

  1. hi my name is christian and comes from Denmark I just bought 30p aww diapers that you have on I want to know if it is very thick in the middle of the diaper so that it is like a baby diaper to see much because your ass is about Miten in diaper
    tank christian email

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  3. nice products but they dont seem to deliver. waiting 4 months now and still have not received my orders and not getting any response to contact requests. This site is one big scam

    • It’s not a scam at all otherwise how have people received their orders? They are merely struggling with the level of orders they receive, meaning both communication and despatch are poor at times. This isn’t excusing them but at least someone is putting new and exciting products on the market for us!

  4. Hi, I have been buying and wearing aww so cute for sometime now, probably since they started on the web and indeed they are super aww some! I have some issues though.

    Firstly I would like to say, If you are paying import duty on a packet of 10 nappies to the UK then you are being ripped off by the delivery person. I always buy a 10 pack and I never pay import duty and only once did my then wife fall for the duty trick by delivery guy. Swine! Practically bullied her, oh I wish I was there.

    As much as I love the aww so cute diaper I unfortunately will not be returning 😢 without too much detail, I’m not sure I want to change my bank card for a fourth time.

    Why oh why can’t someone just make the worlds first genuine pampers replica BiG ‘little’ sizes. Oh and do it in the UK. Now that would be aww soo even cuter.

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